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Vinjim mastery
Vinjim mastery 22 timer siden
the silver s21 ultra is one that got my attention. I like black for the sleekness but the silver also looks nice honestly both the s21 series all look like an upgrade for me id be lucky if i get either one of them may be in like five years when the price is cheaper.
Md. Kobir Hossen
Md. Kobir Hossen 22 timer siden
Joshua Canto
Joshua Canto 22 timer siden
Sir could you spare your old iphone to me for online class my iphone 6 is getting hot way too much.😞 I hope you could help me out sir im subscribe🙏🏻🙏🏻
Sheldon Copper
Sheldon Copper 22 timer siden
This is the most thrilling camera test ever
ComradeSever 22 timer siden
Figured samsung was right when i saw stabilisation when the phones fell.
Mr. Motor Freak
Mr. Motor Freak 22 timer siden
Posted via twittee for macbook
Nathaniel Marquis
Nathaniel Marquis 22 timer siden
At that distance there is no discernable difference between the 4k LG model and the 8K. Most company's havent even caught up to 4k yet, this would be a waste of money. I have the 4k OLED and i have compared to the 8K in person as well. There is no difference that our eyes can see from an normal viewing distance. This is good if you want to sit 3 feet from the screen but otherwise 4K will always be just as good as 8K.
Saulenco Gheorghe
Saulenco Gheorghe 22 timer siden
Tafara Gadze
Tafara Gadze 22 timer siden
Will, say something loud LOUD!
Kartowikromo Wensley
Kartowikromo Wensley 22 timer siden
I want ine please
Abdullah Bejtic
Abdullah Bejtic 22 timer siden
Hes room empty, cuz he sold everything in it so he could afford this TV
chrisak49 22 timer siden
I’m a Samsung user and I’m jealous of iPhone camera quality!!! It’s so much better than Samsung
chrisak49 22 timer siden
Wow iPhone spanked Samsung this year again.
GLITCH _ 22 timer siden
Canada huh..
Daniel Marinero Rojas
Daniel Marinero Rojas 22 timer siden
I like the right side. I don't know yet what phone it is and I'm squinting so as to not see the comments. I thought I was about to convert to iPhone 😝
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 22 timer siden
A Must Watch In 2021
Ameh Onuh
Ameh Onuh 22 timer siden
My disabled MacBook was unlocked with the help of *access_tools* on Instagram he's the best
Ameh Onuh
Ameh Onuh 22 timer siden
My disabled MacBook was unlocked with the help of *access_tools* on Instagram he's the best
Aaron 22 timer siden
Should i buy Airpods Pro ?? Please tell me, i need help.....
Emmanuel Rho
Emmanuel Rho 22 timer siden
I knew the R was Samsung s21 ultra after seeing the portrait photo and the video stabilization.
Robbie YTG
Robbie YTG 22 timer siden
Pro 23 timer siden
I want it 😭
snafi 511
snafi 511 23 timer siden
The 7.2k dislike from real dogs 🐕
Anesu 23 timer siden
Works like flipen charm
VISHWA MARTUR 23 timer siden
Yup samsung playing awesome
JTS 23 timer siden
You can tell he is an iPhone guy come on man you know Samsung is better but you get paid to say iPhone 🤔
Kieran Brown
Kieran Brown 23 timer siden
I actually parted with a ps5 and moved to the xbox it's an eyesore
rifat fahlepi
rifat fahlepi 23 timer siden
Tak bise bahase Inggris
JTS 23 timer siden
Samsung is the best 👌
Aaron 23 timer siden
Should i buy Airpods Pro ?? Please tell me, i need help.....
Mr. PinSell
Mr. PinSell 23 timer siden
It's not's PorSha xD
Kalevi Ummer
Kalevi Ummer 23 timer siden
Who looking TV in 2021?
Aaron 23 timer siden
Should i buy Airpods Pro ?? Please tell me, i need help.....
Sameer Shaikh
Sameer Shaikh 23 timer siden
This camera test exceeds expectations definitely deserves 500 M views minimum , within few months.
Sameer Shaikh
Sameer Shaikh 23 timer siden
This camera test is awesome, given your expertise, this is how a camera test should be for comparsion between 2 camera sets
Dristant Bajpai
Dristant Bajpai 23 timer siden
Thanku so much for Shipping me This Legend ..I M So Happy .... 😍
Monado6 23 timer siden
covid suits in 2025
RW A 23 timer siden
Bring your old self back! That tamed voice does not go with you!
VirusSpreading 23 timer siden
as soon as i saw that falling clip i knew it was the samsung phone on the right. Samsung has had it right for years when it comes to OIS.
Potato Aim
Potato Aim 23 timer siden
nice dude
Neal Frost
Neal Frost 23 timer siden
I know it's a old video, where's Saki tech
Barbara Basini
Barbara Basini 23 timer siden
12 pro max
Arvind Sharmaa
Arvind Sharmaa 23 timer siden
its beautiful superb
NRP7 _
NRP7 _ 23 timer siden
I'll go with the Phantom Violet!
Varang Pratap Singh
Varang Pratap Singh 23 timer siden
Lou love ipad u can see him using one at 5:40
Fuxuro 23 timer siden
What the??? R was the Samsung? I'm a Samsung fan and I'm shook.
Celine Robert
Celine Robert 23 timer siden
Just Chillin
Just Chillin 23 timer siden
Maybe ill look into a different brand
Just Chillin
Just Chillin 23 timer siden
My oneplus 7 pro disappointed me, build quality was meh, the lil speaker on top in the ear piece gave out pretty quick, so now it sounds tingy,, and i cant remove its audio, cuz then earphones are affected too.
Eric Craig
Eric Craig Dag siden
Yo this LG TV looks sick ive had my LG smart TV for about a year I got a 80inch & i love it but this one looks like u at a movie theater 👌
Sajid Mehmood
Sajid Mehmood Dag siden
My fave is iPhone 12 pro max
Brandi Wilburn
Brandi Wilburn Dag siden
I'm scheduled to have the ultra delivered Wednesday. Traded my s20 ultra and got 800$ towards trade in. In the end I paid 437$ for the s21 ultra, smart tag, case with stylus, and my fav the black buds pro. Samsung is giving 200$-260$ credit towards accessories and some electronics. I'm so stoked and I can't wait. Hurry and get yours cause this deal is only for pre orders and it stops on the Jan 29th. Peace and prosperity to you all my brothers and sisters.
The Truth
The Truth Dag siden
That's actually pretty good for $700. Damn you high end smartphones for skewing our senses of value
sumanta Samadder
sumanta Samadder Dag siden
I was so sure the Left one is Samsung until the macro camera testing. It blows my mind until the revealed. Now I feel so good that I pre-order S21 ultra. Tomorrow my phone is coming. So excited 🥰
Brandi Wilburn
Brandi Wilburn Dag siden
I thought the s21 has a snapdragon 888
Stella Southwell
Stella Southwell Dag siden
my dream is a iphone 12 not pro in black!
Bryan Correa
Bryan Correa Dag siden
Love how quiet ps5 I literally forget it's on unless I look at light
BAXT3R08 Dag siden
Gorgeous! Red is definetly my favorite for interior color.
ThunderSprint Dag siden
Clear winner / Easy decision : S21 Ultra!
B.a.d.a Logic 100M views
B.a.d.a Logic 100M views Dag siden
"They dont know what you been doing!"😂😂😂
Norvina Anabel
Norvina Anabel Dag siden
Mīñē was specially unlocked through Kriztools ⭕️N ÌNSTÅGRÅM HIS A GENIUS 💯💯💀
Norvina Anabel
Norvina Anabel Dag siden
My MacBook was specially unlocked through Kriztools ⭕️N IÑSTÃGRĀM HIS A GENIUS 💯💯💀
Lalmuanpuia Sci-law
Lalmuanpuia Sci-law Dag siden
Do it again after an update👍
Lili Sz
Lili Sz Dag siden
i use a silver 2016 SE occasionally, when i'm not planning to use my phone extensively, just for phone calls and quick searches. I wish Apple would work on bringing it back in the same body, but with a better battery life and maybe the new taptic engine.
Aditya Saraf
Aditya Saraf Dag siden
Me in 2021
dennis dales
dennis dales Dag siden
The iPhone SE is a recycled iPhone 8 from four years ago with an updated chip. If Samsung put out a phone like that and charged $400 USD for it they would be laughed out of the industry.
Wake up from the Matrix
Wake up from the Matrix Dag siden
And you cant go out because you cant. Nice 8k though, but real life will always be better, real life is 1000k ;-)
Precious M.
Precious M. Dag siden
Just WoooooooW 👀
Remone Naidoo
Remone Naidoo Dag siden
waste of time watching this video
missthunderstormable Dag siden
fun guy, makes a lot of sense
Zay T.
Zay T. Dag siden
Does it have rgb tho?
Ian Muthomi
Ian Muthomi Dag siden
i dont have a good phone please reward me for me to continue supporting
Amber inayat
Amber inayat Dag siden
Samsung 👌
Krapa kartick
Krapa kartick Dag siden
Jorge Casanova
Jorge Casanova Dag siden
If you have an iPad to watch media comfortably, I’d say the mini is the way to go. I think the only disadvantage is its battery
Toby Jarvis
Toby Jarvis Dag siden
My S21 plus comes tomorrow woooooo
Genesis T
Genesis T Dag siden
So you're telling me I, who still uses an iPhone 6s , guessed it correctly. Seems like I watch a lot of tech videos.