I Finally Bought an Electric Car...

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18 dager siden

I finally pulled the trigger on an electric car...

This is the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. It was a tough choice between this and a Tesla (both are awesome cars). The Tesla has a lot more in terms of autonomous tech/software where the Taycan leans into Porsche's racing heritage/feel. The Taycan Turbo S is likely a touch faster around a race track compared to Tesla's current performance model as well (if that matters to you).
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 17 dager siden
Porsche Taycan Turbo S or Tesla Model S Performance?
Faster Dag siden
@Ninja Cruz PUBGM yes it does, it will make you both mentally and spritually stronger, you might eat proteins and go to the gym for physical fitness, but that won't safe you from sin and corona virus!
Charlie laurent
Charlie laurent 5 dager siden
Gemera you can’t say anything else
Wybe Van Beek
Wybe Van Beek 17 dager siden
Porsche, no doubt about it.
Russell 747
Russell 747 17 dager siden
The Tesla has better range but the Porsche looks sooooooo much better with way better interior quality
Itsallgood Good
Itsallgood Good 17 dager siden
Tesla Model S all the way. Taycan’s back seats are way too small to really be usable for all shapes and sizes. Plus, Tesla’s Supercharger Network is far more reliable for long distance journeys. Congratulations though.
MICHAEL NOLAN Minutt siden
Ey budd great choice. I personally dont like EV but this taycan was a big eye opener with a very low battery it still lauches like a rocket ship. The looks are out of this world holding true to porsche, being an enthusiast i will always choose combustion. But i just hope we are still aloud to drive petrol cars. (Classics)
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 2 timer siden
Wikus Combrinck
Wikus Combrinck 2 timer siden
so amazing!!!
Don Saint Dubois
Don Saint Dubois 3 timer siden
antonio zerkhfaoui
antonio zerkhfaoui 4 timer siden
Show off
Ψ Tudor Ψ
Ψ Tudor Ψ 5 timer siden
I thought he would get a tesla
Joseph Ragosta
Joseph Ragosta 7 timer siden
Escobar money pays well
hawk gunner
hawk gunner 9 timer siden
Does it come in black?
Prince Pixel
Prince Pixel 10 timer siden
I hate electric cars but I have to say that this looks really nice
jaspreet singh
jaspreet singh 20 timer siden
Whats the price of this car
Alejandro Cerdena Photography
Alejandro Cerdena Photography 17 timer siden
$186,350 starting price for the Turbo S vs Tesla $101,190
nicholas langevin
nicholas langevin 21 time siden
the way the car looks in that room is simply ...........im speechless !
anand varghese pothen
anand varghese pothen 21 time siden
superb car mate! kudos! love from india!
An-a-za Wan
An-a-za Wan 22 timer siden
what a studio!
Dominik Křístek
Dominik Křístek 23 timer siden
Smart choice.
Yami syco
Yami syco 23 timer siden
Just wondering for how many years do I have to work and my shildern and my grandchildren when I get married have to work to get this car
Mr. PinSell
Mr. PinSell Dag siden
It's not Porch...it's PorSha xD
BAXT3R08 Dag siden
Gorgeous! Red is definetly my favorite for interior color.
Shane Bradman
Shane Bradman Dag siden
The Porsche Taycan is the only electric car on the market that I would even consider. It's outside my price range, but it's a no compromise vehicle. A driver focused car geared towards a grid-based electric dystopian future, not a shitty beta test Elon Musk car made by a tech company that knows nothing about cars.
Bogdan Ilie
Bogdan Ilie Dag siden
Rich guy buys Taycan and tries to explain it. Next?
Jonas Shahata
Jonas Shahata Dag siden
I feell like he isn't sure about his choice and he is justifying it for us in this video to feel better 😂😂
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 2 timer siden
That how lew is, he has actually hands on every top tech of today’s, he is so down to earth...
BallerForce Dag siden
Maybe electric car’s aren’t so bad 😮
BallerForce Dag siden
This makes me wanna get an electric car 😮
Powered by Pen
Powered by Pen Dag siden
A very large and advanced smartphone with wheels basically
Femi Eluyera
Femi Eluyera Dag siden
I thought u were gonna get the tesla
Marquito Merkkks
Marquito Merkkks Dag siden
Imagine you’re driving at night in a lonely street and you use night vision and it targets something in front but in reality there’s no one there 😳
Marquito Merkkks
Marquito Merkkks Dag siden
Imagine you’re driving at night in a lonely street and you use night vision and it targets something in front but in reality there’s no one there 😳
Marquito Merkkks
Marquito Merkkks Dag siden
Deadass my dream car
Ayurveda 123
Ayurveda 123 Dag siden
now for electric cars under $50...................
YES Dag siden
Knight Watch
Knight Watch Dag siden
I like it!
Jack Meech
Jack Meech Dag siden
Porsche all day every day Lew and that is an awesome spec. It’s nice to see you ticked literally every option!! Haha. If you’d gone Tesla you would have lost your dog through the panel gaps by now!
jack147 Dag siden
That's one beautiful car.
spndrp Dag siden
Porsche for the name. Tesla for everything else.
Turbo Terry
Turbo Terry Dag siden
you are very good at reviewing cars good work lew 👍🏼
UPAC BA Dag siden
Amazing car love that you choose it over a Tesla
i am domwebster
i am domwebster Dag siden
Best spec! Trying to be comment pro like marques
Saroj Somai magar
Saroj Somai magar Dag siden
Awesome 😎
Professor Mox
Professor Mox Dag siden
Well said. Thanks for sharing ✨
E S Dag siden
Damn, you tesla fanboys have no sense. Porsche is superior to almost anything.
Chris Styles
Chris Styles Dag siden
Which model New Balance are you wearing?!
Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh Dag siden
Price pleas
Gt-R Cortez
Gt-R Cortez Dag siden
How can an electric car be turbocharged?? 🤔🤔
AV Community
AV Community Dag siden
Elon: no one will catch up with Tesla Porsche: I am gonna end this guy's whole career
Ariel Quiros
Ariel Quiros Dag siden
Love it! Try to get your hands on the Lucid Air for a review if possible!
Koko Priambodho
Koko Priambodho 2 dager siden
The best Porsche design ever!
Dev 2 dager siden
I think bill gates have same car, and elon musk was bitchy about it
Royal Blood
Royal Blood 2 dager siden
The fact that door handles dont go in when parked is a no
Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed 2 dager siden
Bruce Wayne of NOpost 🤩
Josh 2 dager siden
Nothing will beat petrol cars
Kim JomOom
Kim JomOom 2 dager siden
5:07 is how my ps4 be sounding
Otis Roby
Otis Roby 2 dager siden
When are just going to create your OWN unbox therapy editions of all products. I'd drive the unbox therapy tycan
Jxid Xjdj
Jxid Xjdj 2 dager siden
My wallet just grew its own legs
R B 2 dager siden
The electromagnetic radiation in electric cars can cause all sorts of harm including cancer They don't tell you that do they
Dominican WarLord
Dominican WarLord 2 dager siden
Drive the damn car 😤
Mayor Of Tarkov
Mayor Of Tarkov 2 dager siden
momo 2 dager siden
Only electric car I'd buy if i was unboxing phones on youtube, rich
ASTATOSTASOS 3 dager siden
I like the car, but i don't like the UI of Porsche. It is too old, like old navigation system
Katupa Chongo
Katupa Chongo 3 dager siden
So cool!!!!!
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 3 dager siden
The interior of this porsche definitely looks nicer than a tesla's
Vinay Jadhav
Vinay Jadhav 3 dager siden
this guy just reviewed a car and he doesn't even drived it😑
Parikshit Kashyap
Parikshit Kashyap 3 dager siden
Perfect advertising
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 3 dager siden
Moment when tech guy becomes also car enthusiast ❤
Gilberto Suarez
Gilberto Suarez 3 dager siden
Drive test? Wtf
Simon Greatwood
Simon Greatwood 3 dager siden
Obviously isn't married and doesn't have kids, and earning a lot more than everyone thought. Sorry , Lou , you've just lost your average Joe Street creed.
FILTHYexe Dag siden
Philip church
Philip church 3 dager siden
I wish those screens has a 120hz refresh rate
Philip church
Philip church 3 dager siden
That tycan is smoking hot
Bank Akinmola
Bank Akinmola 3 dager siden
Porsche Taycan, hands down!!! Wanted to pull the trigger on a purchase myself. Decided to wait for the Audi eTron GT, but only because I prefer Audi's exterior design.
neovalkyr 3 dager siden
the question is will these cars last for 10+ years?
Jakob Vartdal
Jakob Vartdal 3 dager siden
But one thing... what car did Lewis own before this that makes him fall so strongly in love with it?
Stylze 3 dager siden
they need to make manual electric vehicles. i know kinda like what? but i dont care if it lowers acceleration people are gonna want that nostalgia when everything goes electric and if a electric car had a stick then thatd greatly affect my decision in what to buy
GlowingEye 3 dager siden
Great choice! But I'm not impartial.. Greetings from Germany! ;)
Stephen Salamanca
Stephen Salamanca 3 dager siden
Cars beautiful 😳😍
pumpuppthevolume 3 dager siden
so Linus can get a lambo too
Derek Jackson
Derek Jackson 4 dager siden
Why is it the more I watch his videos, the more it seems like he beat down syndrome or a speech impediment. No offense if you have either but there's very subtle things in every video.
ThatCuteFurry 4 dager siden
goodluck taking a carwash everyday
Rahul Thurram
Rahul Thurram 4 dager siden
5:13 this is how Apple car would be sold.. And also with no tyres
Rudy 4 dager siden
Moment when tech guy becomes also car enthusiast ❤
Ariyan Afif
Ariyan Afif 4 dager siden
Dude didn’t said jackshit about the car’s engine disappointment
FILTHYexe Dag siden
Because there ain’t much to say lmao, 2 electric motors making 725hp, das it
Haneesh Gadde
Haneesh Gadde 4 dager siden
now someones very rich!!!! and all that started by bending an iphone🤯🤯
S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing
S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing 4 dager siden
The interior of this porsche definitely looks nicer than a tesla's
sekatawa emma
sekatawa emma 4 dager siden
now thats one of the most over engineered cars of all time
Bussines Program
Bussines Program 4 dager siden
the first 50 sec of the video is INSANE, really good quality, good soundtrack I'm really impressed KEEP UP THE GOOD WORD!!
Chris Almanza
Chris Almanza 4 dager siden
That intro shot omg
RIFTZz 4 dager siden
Gray would've looked so much nicer
wupeide 4 dager siden
Wow - you are rich
Mansoor Didar
Mansoor Didar 4 dager siden
There were better cars with better price available tho. TESLA and you knew it
Mansoor Didar
Mansoor Didar Dag siden
@FILTHYexe you said it yourself. Range is what matters. No good if you can't drive your car
FILTHYexe Dag siden
Tesla is no where better than this car 💀maybe for range but everything else the Porsche does better
Wrestling Ninja
Wrestling Ninja 4 dager siden
worst thumbnail ever
Ahmed Safwan
Ahmed Safwan 4 dager siden
The best thing about taycan : the roof dont fly off 😂
KCScorpion34 4 dager siden
Watching this makes realize I never knew how Lew makes 😧
David Lavrinovich
David Lavrinovich 4 dager siden
Porche always adds around .2 seconds the 0-60 time
Not a lot
Not a lot 4 dager siden
You can tell it’s a Porsche taycan, just from the thumbnail
Usman Khan
Usman Khan 4 dager siden
that batman looking room is fire
Crypto B4BC
Crypto B4BC 4 dager siden
Never push down on a hood. Always drop it down... What a beauty! Well done.
arcticmods 4 dager siden
Why is the whole video narrated like the Taycan vs electric vehicles? It's a Porsche, a sportscar. The rest of the electric cars on the road today are normal cars for the most part. Crossover SUV's and city cars with some sedans in the mix. :P It's a beautiful sportscar with an electric drivetrain, but stop comparing it to electric cars as a whole, for gods sake. :P Heck, even the Tesla Model S cant be compared to a Porsche. Is there really anything on the market today that is comparable to the Taycan and at the same time electric?
Anurag Paul
Anurag Paul 4 dager siden
Congrats ❤️🔥
relaxed penny
relaxed penny 4 dager siden
So this is his batmobile
Pedram 4 dager siden
I love seeing Tesla fanboys burn
Billy Lena
Billy Lena 4 dager siden
This Video is really nice, the way it was set up with the music and background and lighting and lews great delivery...it’s really good 😌
Cooking with Yarda
Cooking with Yarda 4 dager siden
Good for you !! I am guessing by the shape of that cover it's Porsche Taycan Turbo ! ;-)
Dando 4 dager siden
What a car ^__^=
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